Email Ramp Review – Can This Software Help You Generate High Converting Emails, With No Need to Worry about Hiring a Copywriter?

email ramp review

Name:   Email Ramp

Product Owner:  Neil Napier

Website:  Click Here

Price:  $37

As a Start, What is Email Ramp?

Email Ramp is, simply, an easy-handled software designed to generate ready-made emails in order to redirect them to the personal email list and create more sales; it’s a software for the customer who happens to be in a hate relationship with writing and word composition.

For Whom Email Ramp is Created?

Email Ramp is essentially created for any individual with an email list and who is interested in email marketing! It’s a total menace to deem email marketing as absolute for there are, currently, innumerable brands and businesses asking for your email address to hand over newsletters, offers, discount codes and much more interesting deals. And with online businesses growing bigger and better, email marketing is turning out to be one of the best ways to better approach the consumers. There are indeed multiple types of people who can benefit from Email Ramp, amongst them:

  • Product Owners.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • Offline Businesses and Beneficiary Projects.
  • Social Media Marketers.
  • Local Marketing Agents and Companies.
  • Ecom Store Owners.

Email Ramp Review :

The Top 3 Positives of Email Ramp:

Once Email Ramp is installed, the customer will find more than 999 ready-made emails that are deployed in more than 11 of the biggest niches available online at the moment – such as crypto-currency, internet marketing, dating and self-help and personal development amongst many others. All you have to do is get your hands on Email Ramp, choose the preferred niche and you’ll access a great bundle of pre-written emails that you can attach to your autoresponder.

Thankfully, you’ll find that each and every email text is well-written by the best copywriters with absolutely no room for mistakes or misunderstandings. And most importantly, Neil Napier and his team have diligently tested these emails via their lists in order to prove their ability to convert and assure credibility and efficacy. It’s undoubted that Email Ramp is indeed the golden opportunity for whoever wishes to master the art of email marketing.

In addition to choosing the suitable niche, the customer can also pick the email genre he needs! Email Ramp contains a huge variety of emails from which you can choose exactly what you want / need to send to your list; email examples include: product launch and promotion emails, pre-launch emails, time-bound offers emails, specified content emails, engaging emails and many more. Email Ramp includes the right formula of emails that’ll, definitely, breathe new life into your almost-dead list; these uniquely designed emails will, unconsciously, prompt your subscribers to start reading again and joyfully re-engage!

What Email Ramp Has to Offer Upon Installation?

Once you install Email Ramp and pick the right niche, you’ll be immediately handed a bundle of convert-proven emails to send to your list of subscribers. You can choose emails from more than 11 of the most popular online niches, such as:

  1. Internet Marketing.
  2. Weight Loss.
  3. Beauty & Skincare.
  4. Online Biz Opp.
  5. Dating.
  6. Self-help & Personal Development.
  7. Crypto-currency.
  8. Alternative Medicine.
  9. Parenting and Family.
  10. E-Commerce.
  11. Video Services.

You can also choose different types of emails in order to meet a specified, desired result, such as:

  1. List Nurturing Emails: through which you can gain and enhance the trust of your subscribers and encourage them to purchase the products or services.
  2. Pre-Launching Emails: through which you can build and create extra anticipation in your subscribers’ minds before the launch of the product.
  3. Product Launch Emails: through which you can unconsciously force your subscribers to purchase the product / service.
  4. Story-Telling Emails: which you can use in order to engage the users with the product / service and create further promotion.
  5. Emotive-Based Emails: these types of emails will help you to accentuate the positive feelings the consumers have towards your products and subsequently they’ll end up purchasing your offer.
  6. Discount Codes and Sales Emails: using discount and time-bound emails will surely prompt the consumers to hurriedly seize the opportunity before it’s too late!
  7. Re-engaging Emails: re-engagement types of emails will indeed breathe life into your list and make it as responsive and active as it can be!
email ramp review

Any Major Negatives to Email Ramp?

Email Ramp is cloud-based software that’s accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. Hence if you lose internet connection, you’ll be unable to access Email Ramp and here lies the major problem! However, in order to avoid such complicated situation, you can always prepare your auto-responding service and upload your ready-made emails in advance – let’s say prepare yourself for about two weeks ahead – so that even if you face some no-internet times, you’ll have enough time to get things sorted!

What Bonuses Do I Get with Email Ramp?

In total, there are 5 bonuses with Email Ramp:

  • Free List Building Webinar: through the software you’ll be shown how to build and develop a list without spending any more money on paid adverts.
  • Email Marketing Hack: which is an eBook – a video- and audio-book – that shows you the best way possible to approach email marketing businesses and the best strategies as well.
  • 100 Powerful Subject Lines: you can utilize these subject lines to earn higher rates for your emails – plus what you already have via the Email Ramp software.
  • 5-Minute Daily Blueprint: helps newbies and beginners to build and maintain a massive email list in only one month just by spending 5 minutes every day!
  • Facebook Ad / Video Course: guides and informs you on how to perfectly manage Facebook ads which is going to help you add more subscribers to your list.

The Overall Thought on Email Ramp is:

It’s assured that all of us face some difficult times when trying to compose the right email content and it’s more than crucial – a necessity – to stay as engaging as possible with your list of subscribers; yet not all of us have enough time to do it all cleverly, and surely not all of us are a perfect multi-tasked persona! And that’s why Email Ramp is the perfect assistant is such difficult times that’ll help you to save your time and will also provide you with the exact email types you need. Upon purchasing Email Ramp and choosing the right niche, you’ll be exposed to a huge bundle of email types from which to choose; and these pre-written emails are also adaptable to your taste and style so that you can individualize them accordingly. So waste no time and be assured that Email Ramp is the 2019 email marketing savior.


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