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livereel review

Name: LIVEreel 

Product Owner: Abhi Dwivedi 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $37.95 


In a nutshell, what is LIVEreel? 

Have you been struggling with your videos trying to make them reach a couple of hundreds of viewers but with no avail? Perhaps you’re presenting your video content in a monotonous and ineffective way that doesn’t attract the viewers! If it’s a YES, carry on.

It’s indeed no secret that Facebook and YouTube have been not-so-lately enjoying the popularity of the live streamed videos that seem to attract more and more viewers nowadays – even more than the regularly uploaded videos – and that’s why the live Facebook videos are always high in the news feed. As a result, many viewers are currently shifting their attention to watching live videos; and whilst the idea of going live for an audience seems a bit intimidating for some people, LIVEreel is here to help you with the burden by introducing a new live-streaming quality.

LIVEreel is a software that allows you the opportunity of uploading prerecorded videos to about 15 different platforms and stream them as “LIVE”! You don’t have to be live at the very same moment; instead you can make your prepared videos look like a live session on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, your own website or whatever you choose. Consequently, you’ll be benefiting from the huge traffic live streams bring about, but with no need to be actually live before your audience. And on top of that, you can choose the exact time you want your videos to be streamed live in order to better suit your needs and audiences.

Who is LIVEreel for? 

Obviously, any person using videos and live streams as a way of generating traffic and, subsequently, generating more online profits can surely benefit from the software of LIVEreel. Any video-based business, channel or project can basically utilize LIVEreel in order to generate more viewers and traffic to the products or services all by means of transforming prerecorded videos into live-streaming sessions, thus, putting to use the huge notoriety of live streams whilst avoiding the struggle of actually facing audiences live! Plus, the LIVEreel software is an easy-to-use one and so it can labelled as a newbie- and beginner-friendly software that helps you channel you video content in the right direction via the right method. Of course, if you’re a total ignorant when it comes to video making and marketing, then you’ll have to stay away from LIVEreel until you become acquainted with the process of creating and benefiting from videos and live-streaming services. Amongst the people who can utilize LIVEreel are:

  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Product creators.
  • Marketing agents and agencies.
  • Advertisers.
  • Ecom store owners.
  • Local marketers.
  • Social media marketers.


Top 3 things I love about LIVEreel:

First of all, LIVEreel is all about solving all of your live-streaming problems but without losing a bit of the benefits of actually going live. Going live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google – amongst others – seems to be attracting the attention of the viewers right now and that’s why it’s a necessity for every video-based business to go live as much as possible. However, not all of us can quickly adapt to the process of facing the camera and the audience behind it; and also you may have in mind a target audience who is set in a different time zone than yours which makes it quite impossible to go live in a convenient time. LIVEreel helps you overcome any problem you may encounter when it comes to live streaming simply by allowing you to present your prerecorded videos in a live-streaming facade! You can make and remake a video as many times as you want til you’re satisfied and then set up the preferred timing for the video to be broadcasted live – as simple as that!

Additionally, LIVEreel is equipped to support about 15 social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google, and you can also deploy the software to your own site to increase the traffic and sales, and lure more visitors to your blogs, ecommerce sites, and landing pages.

Interestingly, LIVEreel provides an automatic reply service that’ll help your live videos looks as authentic and realistic as possible; the auto-reply function will engage with people and respond to them with the typical replies that you feed the software prior to the live streaming. So, the LIVEreel software helps you disguise your live videos with a realistic aura by engaging and interacting with members of the audience so that there’ll be no way to discover the little trick hiding behind the live streaming!


What will I get when I purchase LIVEreel?

You get the full, intuitive LIVEreel software platform, which includes:

  • Go live on 15 social media platforms simultaneously, including Facebook and YouTube amongst others.
  • Schedule your live-streaming at times that suit you and your audience.
  • Embed eye-catching video frames.
  • Embed your live-streaming on your own website to increase traffic and sales.
  • Add background music and multilingual captions.
  • Auto-reply to your viewers to keep them engaged and send private messages.
  • Deal with angry customers on complete autopilot private message.
  • Automatic filters to keep spammers out of your live-stream.

Watch LIVEreel in action right here

Any drawbacks to LIVEreel? 

There is only one drawback that can’t really be called a “DRAWBACK” which is the need to know how to create and efficiently handle videos. As obvious, LIVEreel isn’t an educational course that’ll show you how to make videos and benefit from them! To use LIVEreel, you’ll have to be quite the experienced person who knows exactly how to create video clips and live streams and how to put them to good use. So, if you’re established in video making and you have your own online business but are seeking more, then LIVEreel should be your next goal. The software will grant you the opportunity of a lifetime by increasing your traffic and sales which as a result will give your high rankings across 15 different platforms all by means of live-streaming of prerecorded videos that you prepared beforehand. You’ll be also able to track your live videos across the platforms and websites in order to know which ones are attracting more traffic and audience engagement. And let’s not forget that LIVEreel enables you to target tons of popular and most searched keywords and terms in the specified niche which will help you rank higher than before. The only drawback I can see is you need to know how to create videos. LIVEreel isn’t a course that walks absolute newbies through creating videos. If you’re a complete beginner, who has no idea what avenue to pursue to make money online, then LIVEreel is not for you. However, if you’ve already started making money online using videos in some capacity, livestreaming those videos is the perfect way to get high rankings (and therefore, a ton of traffic) from Google, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.  


Do I Get Any Bonuses with LIVEreel? 

Nope. You don’t really need any bonuses since the LIVEreel software provides you with all you need to put your video content to better use by utilizing the immense popularity of live streams.


Final Word on LIVEreel:

Going live on various platforms has turned into a phenomenon that has been achieving quite the astounding results for online businesses and entrepreneurs and that’s why you should start diverting attention to the utilization of live-streaming videos. LIVEreel is indeed the right choice when it comes to going live properly since not all of us aren’t camera-shy; the software allows you multiple live-streaming features, the main one being the ability to transform your prerecorded videos into live-streaming sessions with a couple of easy steps. Live-streaming will present you with more traffic and sales, whilst also being able to engage with your audience who will significantly increase as you target the most popular keywords and phrases thus leaving you with higher and better rankings. LIVEreel is the absolute comprehensive live-streaming assistance that’ll guide you step by step towards better video productivity in 2019. Live-casts are to instant traffic generation as videos were back in 2010. Video is the most consumed content online, but it’s now a crowded place on social media platforms. The creators of LIVEreel have found an ingenious way to stand out from the crowd, and get traffic and engagement utilizing live-streaming. Look, live-streaming for traffic generation works – period. But the problem was the fear of going live. LIVEreel solves this problem as it uses pre-recorded videos, which means no fear and no worries about screwing up on camera! 




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