Pinflux Review – Get Your Traffic Tripled with This Cool & Easily Automated, Pinterest-Based, Traffic-Generating Tool

Pinflux Review – Get Your Traffic Tripled with This Cool & Easily Automated, Pinterest-Based, Traffic-Generating Tool

pinflux review

Name: Pinflux

Product Owner: Cyril Jeet

Website:  Click Here

Price: $27

In a Nutshell, What’s Pinflux?

It can’t absolutely be denied that generating decent traffic is one of the main pillars of any online business, website or blog. And with social media platforms continuously rising to prominence, online entrepreneurs must indeed benefit from social media apps to generate more traffic and attract more people towards the content created. Pinterest, for instance, is currently one of the best platforms used to generate traffic; the social media app is garnering praise from many parties for its sufficient role in helping grow online businesses and create new audiences for online entrepreneurs. However, to generate more traffic from Pinterest, you have to utilize the rising platform righteously; and Pinflux is here to do the job for you!

Pinflux is simply the tool you’ve been searching for in order to put the popular Pinterest to good use. The traffic maximizer Pinflux will be your best guide to profit from Pinterest; Pinflux will do it all: choose the content, pin, re-pin, follow and unfollow; after using Pinflux, you’ll start seeing your traffic getting enhanced per day as your content is reaching out to more people around the world.

Who Should Use Pinflux?

The traffic automation tool of Pinflux is created for any type of online business. If you’re an online entrepreneur who is seeking to enhance the performance of your online work by increasing your visitors and the clicks your receive, then Pinflux is for you. Amongst the people who can utilize the Pinflux traffic maximizer are:

  • Ecom Marketers.
  • Beginners / Newbies.
  • Content Creators / Marketers.
  • Offline Businesses.
  • Social Media Influencers.
  • Social Media Marketers.
  • Bloggers.

Top Outstanding Facets of Pinflux:

Pinflux is one of the most clever tools created as it benefits from and utilizes one of the top social media and marketing platforms at the moment: Pinterest. The desktop-based tool is indeed the optimal option for any sort of online business, marketing or content as Pinflux is going to present the user with the best traffic results possible through utilizing Pinterest in an easy and sufficient way. The user can also connect his Pinterest to other social media accounts, such as the Facebook and Twitter accounts, in order to further increase and attract traffic from various platforms.

Also, the user doesn’t have to worry about a thing for Pinflux is designed to carry out all the work by itself. The successful Pinterest-based, automation tool is equipped with the necessary features that’ll search for the right content based on the keywords and then pin content to your boards; and it won’t take too long before you start to notice the difference in your traffic results. The automatic nature of Pinflux saves much of the user’s time and, simultaneously, every step or activity carried out by Pinflux is reported to the user so that he keeps an eye on what’s happening.

Moreover, the simple functionality of Pinflux makes this Pinterest-based, traffic-generating tool more appealing to online businesses and websites, for owners nowadays don’t have enough time to do all the marketing tasks themselves and that’s why Pinflux does all the work but it also provides the user with complete reports explaining every move and its impact on generating more traffic from Pinterest. And let’s not forget that using Pinflux saves time immensely as the user can set schedules of posts and pins, criteria of follow and unfollow, which will be carried out precisely by the automation tool of Pinflux.

pinflux review

What Do You Get Upon Purchasing Pinflux?

The mechanism of Pinflux is pretty easy; all you have to do is enter your Pinterest login details and then you can manage either one or several accounts at the same time using the very manageable interface of Pinflux. The tasks carried out by Pinflux vary, including:

– Sign in: once you’re signed in, you’ll be met with the boards of your account/s. You can manage and control the boards as you like – import them from Pinterest, create new boards, …, etc.

– Create Boards: you can use multiple keywords that’ll appear on your pins, and any one who clicks on any of your images will be directed to your website or blog thus increasing the traffic. And Pinflux can automatically get the task done for you! The user can also create boards with new content on regular basis so that none of the audience is ever bored or unsatisfied with the posts.

– Auto Pin: Pinflux is an automatic Pinterest traffic maximizer, so, the popular tool can add the search results and pin them to the Pinterest account based on the specified keywords.

– Pin: you can also upload your own images or favorite shots by using the “Upload” tab; you can upload as many images as you want at once with no worries. The uploaded images will be saved to your Pinterest board once you add a description and the link.

– Upload: Pinflux can help you find the right bundle of images by searching the Pinterest platform according to the entered keywords. The search results will bring about various types of images from which the user can choose the most suitable to repin.

– Follow/Unfollow: the user can also follow boards on Pinterest and keep an eye on his followings. Pinflux will provide the user with a following bar that enables him to track the users who follow and unfollow. Pinflux also provides a strategy for following and unfollowing people on Pinterest. The user can utilize the “Auto Follow/Unfollow” feature that’ll follow certain users who are found through searching specified keywords; and those who don’t follow back will be automatically unfollowed!

pinflux review

Any Drawbacks to Pinflux?

Pinflux has no drawbacks. All you need is an excellent internet connection!

What are the Bonuses That Come with Pinflux?

1- Photoshop Action Scritps Compilation: Create e-books cover designs and present your audience with high quality e-covers that’ll definitely captivate them.

2- DFY Templates for Marketing Websites: Create well-designed interfaces for your websites that’ll make the process of generating money online more sufficient than before.

3- Pinterest Traffic Code Cracker: Utilize the immense notoriety of Pinterest to grow your online business and attract more visitors to your website and content.

4- WhiteLabel License to WP Content Spread: Find the trending on social media sites – Facebook and Twitter – and create the most enticing content to garner the attention of your audience whilst your website gets the top ranks on search engines like Google.

5- Reseller Right to TubeChimp: A research tool that’ll help you amp up your YouTube channel by keeping up with the latest trending topics, videos and keywords on YouTube.

6- WP CopySites Original: Copy and update various posts and website pages by browsing the trending on other, similar websites in a fast and time-saving way.

7- WhiteLabel License to WP Leadfinder: A customizable plugin that’ll do all the social media research for you. So don’t waste your time searching Facebook and Twitter manually, this bonus will save you loads of effort and time!

Final Thoughts on Pinflux:

Pinterest is indeed one of the top social media platforms that can be used to generate more and more traffic. And with Pinflux, the process of generating traffic via Pinterest will be made easy and quick. Once the user purchases Pinflux, he’ll immediately be able to generate traffic using his Pinterest account/s. The tasks that can be carried out by Pinflux will be monitored by the user himself so that he keeps everything under control. You can easily follow niche targeted profiles and users, and use an “Unfollow” criterion to leave the neglecting profiles behind. If you happen to be an online business owner, marketer or blogger, the automation tool of Pinflux will make Pinterest your number one traffic-generating resource. Nevertheless, if you happen to find Pinflux doesn’t completely fit with your traffic-generating purposes, then you have a 30-day trial in order to make up your mind about the benefits of Pinflux to your online existence.

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