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Sqribble Review – Now You Can Create High-Quality eBooks, Reports & Any Type of Written Contents With No Need to Type a Single Word – All Under 5 Minutes!

Sqribble Review

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Adeel Chowdhry and Ali Chowdhry

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In a nutshell, what is Sqribble? 

Sqribble is simply a software that grants the user the ability to create highly approved ebooks, reports and the such but with no need to burden the customer with typing and designing skills and knowledge. It’s clear that ebooks and reports can be of great benefit to the online businesses and projects in order to generate leads and spread the awareness and knowledge about their brands – products, services and offers. However, creating ebooks from scratch can be such an exhausting and lengthy process that might take ages to get done – not to mention the big amounts of money you’ll have to spend if you decide to hire a professional writer! Luckily, all of your ebooks and online writing problems can be easily solved via Sqribble software that’s going to provide you with variously unique ebooks, reports, manuals, amongst others, so that you can introduce the new product to your audience in an excellent manner without regretting the money you could’ve spent!

Who is Sqribble for?

If you are an online worker, then you’ll know that generating leads is vital to online businesses and marketing. And if you happen to be selling other people’s products and services via the affiliate marketing genre, still you’ll need to present your consumers with bonuses so that they’re prompted to purchase the item/s via your affiliate links. So, if you’re a newbie or a beginner in online marketing and advertising, then you’ll totally find that Sqribble is your best friend with all of the features and benefits it brings to you. The Sqribble software is indeed a newbie-friendly one, but can be used by many customers regardless of their experience level.

In fact, more established and experienced business owners can still benefit from the Sqribble software in order to generate more leads. Sqribble will help you create and produce highly approved ebooks, reports and manuals within nearly no time and in a quick process as well; and you don’t have to hire writers or designers at any stage, thus saving your money and effort! Moreover, you’ll be handed 4 bonuses to start your own ebook business – if you like – and you can charge $500+ / ebook to the consumers. All in all, any one who has his own online business – whether a beginner or an expert – can put Sqribble to good use in order to generate fresh leads for the products, services or offers; such as:

  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Product creators / owners.
  • Marketing agencies / agents.
  • Advertisers.
  • E-Com store owners.
  • Local marketers.
  • Social media marketers.

Sqribble Review

3 things I love about Sqribble:

Sqribble is a very unqiue software as it has a variety of features to offer to the customer; the Sqribble software is equipped with more than 50 ebook templates in 15 of the most popular niches at the moment, including health, food, language and business. Each template is designed in such a fantastic way and has its own inner elements and features that’ll eventually lead to an astounding result regardless of the specified niche. There is a wide variety of templates to choose from depending on your goal and audience, and you can proudly show off the resulting ebook whilst enjoying the fact that you didn’t really waste your time or money.

When it comes to typing the content, you’ll find that Sqribble offers you 4 different methods of automated content. The first method enables you to type the url of the website you have in mind, then Sqribble will automatically manufacture an authentic content from the information available and create your own new ebook. Or you can copy any content and paste it into your ebook and Sqribble will take care of the rest – but you must be sure not to breach any copyrights and not to commit any type of infringement. You can also use any Word or text file from your device, upload it to Sqribble and the software will create your ebook in an eye blink! And you still have a fourth option which is choosing from the huge amount of non-copyrighted materials and articles that Sqribble has and your ebook will be ready in under 5 minutes. Interestingly, Sqribble didn’t forget about the people who might still want to personally write their content as they can feed the software the content by typing it and they can monitor closely the creation of their ebook and get a full glimpse of how the final result will look like.

However, if you’re still thinking that you might need a designer, then you’re wrong! Sqribble is designed to provide you with the exact ebook you have in mind without any compromising of quality, content or design. The software has every aspect you need to accomplish your ebook easily, such as meaningful e-covers, table of contents, page numbering, headers and footers and a lot of other features that you can choose from and incorporate into your ebook effortlessly; and all of the features provided by Sqribble are automatic to save your time and effort. Also, you can edit the entire ebook according to your preference and add and remove whatever you want so that the final result is satisfying.

What will I get inside Sqribble?

You get the full Sqribble creation platform, which includes:

  • Create eBooks, report, white-papers, guides, info products and manuals on the fly.
  • 50+ professional templates in 15 of the biggest online niches.
  • Full ‘drag and drop’ design features, including cover pages, images, icons, backgrounds, dividers, button and links, bullet lists, call to action areas, … etc.
  • Fully customizable – change fonts, margins, colors, layouts, styles, themes, and add unlimited pages.
  • Training center with over the shoulder videos and multiple interactive lessons.

Any drawbacks to Sqribble?

Apparently, there isn’t any major drawback to the Sqribble software; it’s indeed a comprehensive tool designed for all types of online workers, entrepreneurs, investors and marketers who wish to have a continuous flow of new and increasing leads. The unique software will help you provide your audience with qualified ebooks and reports on an organized pace which will help you, in return, generate fresh and on-going leads. And let’s not forget that ebooks and written texts can always increase your sales and encourage the audience to engage with you and your online business. 

Do I get any bonuses with Sqribble?

You get 4 bonuses in total with the Sqribble software all of which are directed towards the users who are interested in initiating their own ebook design agency:

  1. Full commercial license: through which you can create unlimited types of ebooks, reports, manuals and whitepapers labelled with your own copyrights – to sell to any one – and the entire profits are yours!
  2. Client management dashboard: you can grant your clients the opportunity to access your ebooks on the Scribble software – without them seeing the Sqribble branding – so that they can inform you with any editing tips or overall innovative ideas.
  3. Feedback engine: you can also send your clients your designs in order to get approval and feedback which will allow you enough time to make necessary changes and get the work done.
  4. Agency website: you’ll be able to flaunt your own website with an already-organised portfolios that you can show to your clients in order to attract more of them.
sqribble review

Final thoughts on Sqribble:

Nowadays, content writing and preparation of versatile ebooks and reports are considered very important tasks for any online business and marketing field, but at the same time can be very exhausting and time-consuming processes. Many online businesses used to struggle with creating a trusted written content, wasting loads and loads of money and effort and with no assurance that profits are to increase – and sometimes with no assurance of profits at all! Thankfully, that’s in the past.

With the debut of the Sqribble software, any online business can right now create and manage a unique written content that’ll save money, effort and time, and will also generate fresh and continuous leads that’ll enhance the sales and the audience engagement rates. And if initiating an ebook design agency is roaming in your mind, then the 4 bonuses with the Sqribble software will be definitely of great, unlimited benefit to you! So, if you want to take your written content a step further, then the Sqribble software offers you the opportunity to experience the newly simplified process of content writing and designing with just a couple of easy – automated – steps.


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